Service>Rapid prototyping of molds

Our advantages:

1. Efficient Prototyping: With a professional technical team and advanced equipment, we can quickly complete the prototyping of molds, ensuring the stability and consistency of product quality.

2. Flexible Services: We offer customized services, designing and manufacturing molds based on customer needs, fulfilling their specific requirements.

3. Innovative Technology: We continuously introduce and innovate technologies to improve the production efficiency and precision of molds, creating greater value for customers.

4. Prototyping Benefits: We strive to reduce the gap between prototypes and mass produced products. The products we produce are moisture-resistant, temperature-resistant, and tough, significantly reducing dimensional errors and deformation.


Service scope:

1. Rapid Prototype Molds for Small Batch Demands: For new products and small batch orders, we provide efficient injection molding services to ensure the stability and consistency of product quality.

2. Diverse Mold Manufacturing: We have the capability to manufacture various types of molds, meeting different types and specifications of mold demands.

3. One-Stop Service: We provide comprehensive services from design and manufacturing to injection molding, which ensuring the shortest product development cycle and lowest cost for our clients.